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Please note that 

You might experience some slowness -  Server is being scanned for security reasons - It will be back to normal soon

thank you for your understanding and collaboration

23 מרץ 2018

NODE has been upgraded successfully - More disk space, more memory, more CPU cores

19 מרץ 2017
node upgrade

We will be upgrading on the 19 th March (early morning hours) . You might experience a downtime or delays for approx 2 hours

18 מרץ 2017
problems with copper server

Update:the corrupted databases pinpointed/corrected and the owners have been is up and running normally-----------------------Hiserver : copper.netcy.comWe have seen some outages today that were caused by mySQL databases.It seems that some users have created or deleted database tables or altered then in such a way that is ... לקריאה נוספת »

11 פברואר 2016 is up again

Dear Customers is up again. (aprox 1.5 hours after outage) The problem was not caused at our level but it looks like a DATACENTRE problem or DDOS wide attack

20 ינואר 2016
Secure payment with real transaction

Dear Customer

We have added a new REAL TIME PAYMENT SYSTEM (apart from PAYPAL)

We can now accept CREDIT CARD PAYMENT with real time transaction and fraud prevention

The whole process is  secure / encrypted and NO Credit card details are stored in our system

thank you!

30 אוקטובר 2015